What is Thermal imaging and how is it useful in retrofit?

We can offer a Thermal Imaging Survey in Guildford Surrey and the South East.

Thermal Imaging or Thermography is a non-destructive method of assessing the thermal performance of a building using a specialist camera.

It is a really useful tool to allow you to see what is going on in the fabric of the building without having to undertake extensive destructive investigation. It can be used to highlight areas of poor or missing insulation, thermal bridges and water leaks. It can also be used to identify points of air infiltration and works particularly well in conjunction with a door blower test.

Thermal Imaging survey

We can undertake a thermal imaging survey in Surrey and the South East as part of a whole house  Deep Retrofit Assessment or on its own if you have a particular concern about missing insulation or  cold spots in your house but are not interested in deep retrofit works. We can also arrange for a specialist to be on site to undertake a door blower test, which will help identify points of air infiltration (draughts) and give an accurate assessment of how leaky your house currently is.

Thermal imaging works best through the winter months or first thing in the morning on colder days when there is a temperature difference of 10 degrees centigrade or more between inside and out. There are also other climactic considerations so it is best to contact us to discuss options.