Project Management

I have an extensive Design and Project Management background with over 25 years in the Retail, Leisure, Office Design and Residential Design and Construction sectors including working in-house for a Developer and Contracting Builder and numerous London based Design Consultants.

I have project managed wide ranging projects from new build single dwellings and extensions/conversions, new build flats to numerous shop fit outs in sectors ranging from high end fashion to banks, travel agents and motor shows.

A combination of my design background and knowledge of construction and detailing enables me to give a unique input into project management both as an individual and as part of a design and construction team.

How we can help


Review of plans post planning or initial pre planning design ideas with client to provide feedback, answer questions and discuss current designs/ intentions/ requirements, philosophy of approach, suitability of key technologies etc.
We can help with budget and cost engineering by splitting the build out into individual packages by trade, and developing a programme for your project. If required we can also direct you to other professionals such as specialist insurance brokers, warranty companies, Health & Safety advisors.

We can also provide guidance with your procurement strategy, help you to collect and analyse quotations and appoint a builder.

Construction phase

Once on site, we can continue to support you as required. We can regularly make detailed inspections to check that the works are being completed correctly against drawings and specifications. Technical queries will be answered promptly, and any construction or fit out problems solved. Part of this check will also be assessing the level of quality of each trades work and ensuring that the finish is good enough. Work of a poor standard will be challenged and resolved.

We can help you to organise the practicalities of managing your site as well as resolving queries or issues as they arise. We can educate and train contractors to understand the challenges of building an airtight low energy home and be there to advise during critical stages of the build.

If you are interested in building to a certified level of PassivHaus we can assist and work with an approved certifier to gain certification of the project.

The ‘performance gap’

New build and refurbished homes often when built do not meet their designed targets for energy performance and can fall as far as x% short. This is known as the ‘performance gap’, and is due to a combination of quality of work on site, the misunderstandings or lack of knowledge in the building industry and also the architects design being difficult to build.

Many in the traditional building industry do not understand the huge implications of things such as misplaced and poorly installed insulation or the effects of trades making holes in the fabric of the building without making good. This can be amplified when there is a constant drive to build for the lowest possible price.

The Zero Carbon Hub have undertaken a review of research into the performance gap and have concluded that there is clear evidence of a performance gap in new dwellings, which is a risk to home owners, developers, and government. Field testing has shown that heat loss can be up to 50%-60% more than design predictions and total energy use between 100% and 150% more. Further reading on UK Passivhaus and the energy performance gap can be read here.

How we can help close the gap

  • Design review and advice to iron out any potential issues that may cause difficulties once on site.
  • Quality control on site to ensure the correct standard of work is being undertaken and ensure any issues are rectified.
  • We can provide training and education for contractors in order to overcome the challenges of building an airtight low energy home.
  • PassivHaus certification if required.

Passive raft foundation

Time lapse showing the installation of a passive raft foundation for a Passive House for a Design and build by Clifford Design.

Highpoint – 6 timber frame, timber clad flats built to meet Code for Sustainable Homes

The project involved project management over a 15 month period for demolition of the existing building and construction of the new build and continued liason with the Architects and Network Rail due to its proximity to a mainline railway. As well as project management I undertook interior design, space planning and elements of the detail design package, particularly for the external cladding and glazing.